Yuba program development and design

2020-12-22 15:30:21 fandoukeji

Yuba is a new type of high-power high-efficiency heater suitable for heating the family bathroom. It converts electrical energy into light and heat, and transfers it to a bathroom with a certain volume through convection and radiation. It is used for heating and bathing in family bathrooms in winter. This product integrates heating, ventilation, lighting, decoration and health care. Its advantage is: ceiling heating, not occupying space. It is convenient to use; the room is heated in a large area, which can quickly heat up the bathroom; it will not cause unsafe factors such as lack of oxygen or gas poisoning in the bathroom; it is clean and hygienic, with high thermal efficiency.

1. The main functions of Yuba

From the perspective of market conditions, the "Yuba" market has shown a significant growth trend in the past two years. Why is "Yuba" popular? Expert analysis is that "Yuba" cleverly introduces the concept of light and warm into the field of heating, so that people have always been hanging in the air three seasons of family bathing cold exercises to end. If a bathroom heater is installed in the bathroom, the temperature within the bathing range can reach 25℃ or more at the moment the light heating switch is turned on, no preheating is required, and the effect is immediate, with excellent thermal efficiency, and it can save 80% energy compared with the previous generation of bathroom heaters, and It overcomes the shortcomings of skin discomfort caused by "wind heating" to the human body.

1. Heating function: Yuba is mainly heated by infrared quartz radiant lamps, using light heaters to radiate heat. The heating range is large, the temperature rises quickly, and the effect is good. No preheating is required. It can instantly heat up to 23 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius, making the showerer feel like bathing in the sun under. There is no doubt that being able to achieve instant heating is the primary function of Yuba. The reason why most consumers pay attention to Yuba is also for this reason.

2. Ventilation function: Another major function of Yuba is its ventilation function. The ventilation of the bathroom directly affects the freshness of the air in the bathroom. The ventilation function of the Yuba can effectively remove the peculiar smell and humidity in the bathroom and keep the air fresh. Of course, if the bathroom has exhaust equipment, you can choose a two-in-one bath heater, which has only heating and lighting functions.

3. Lighting function: Yuba lighting basically uses conventional 45W or 60W bulbs, which can be used as bathroom lighting and controlled separately. The basic price of the four-lamp Yuba type currently on the market is between RMB 400 and RMB 600. The basic price of the two lamp models is between 320 yuan and 420 yuan. The power has two levels of 500W and 1000W, low power consumption. And the bulb on the Yuba has the characteristics of good explosion-proof performance and long service life.

At present, the concept of Yuba is still only in the heating effect of Yuba, so it is mostly used in winter. In fact, this is a waste. Because the infrared rays of the Yuba have an excellent health care effect on the human body, you can enjoy sunbathing by using the Yuba throughout the year. From a medical point of view, infrared rays can activate human cells, delay body aging, and have a good therapeutic effect on frozen shoulder and cervical spondylosis. When using essence and other skin care products, generally only about 10% of the active ingredients can be absorbed, but it can absorb more than 60% under the infrared radiation of the Yuba. In addition, after you wash your hair and do a three-to-five-minute massage under the bath heater, it will have an unexpected effect on the treatment.


Second, the structure and working principle of the Yuba program

The Yuba is composed of infrared radiation lamp, ventilation fan, lighting lamp, shell and so on. The core component of the infrared radiation lamp is made of extra-hard glass, which can be used for heating a large area instantly, and the hot or cold water splashed on the lamp will not burst. Infrared radiation lamps use infrared light to radiate and reflect heat to the space for heating. Its thermal efficiency is high, and it can generally save 20%-40% of electricity. This is because the infrared radiation lamp can emit infrared light with a wavelength of 2.5~1.5um when it is working, and it is quickly absorbed by the human body and fabrics, and directly converted into heat. Yuba is equipped with 2 or 4 infrared radiation lamps; its electrical schematic diagram is shown in Figure 1.


The motor used in the ventilating fan in the Yuba is a low-noise single-phase shaded pole motor with an input power of 20w and a speed of 2300r/min. The ventilation fan is controlled by a separate switch, which can effectively remove water vapor and peculiar smell in the bathroom, and make the air in the melting room fresh.

The lighting can be selected according to the user's wishes and controlled by a dedicated switch. The Yuba shell is made of high-temperature resistant, flame-retardant engineering plastics, streamlined and compact. Has a good decorative effect.

3. How to install and use Yuba

It can be fixed on the ceiling of the bathroom during installation. Before installation, use four 3cm×4cm wooden files to be horizontally fixed above the bathroom along the walls. The height of the mezzanine space formed by the fixed wooden stalls and the top of the bathroom must be at least 28 cm to ensure sufficient ventilation space between the ceiling and the roof mezzanine. Install the crosspiece in the middle, install the ceiling, and determine the location for installing the Yuba. Cut a square hole with a diameter of 26 cm x 26 cm in the ceiling.

When installing, remove all bulbs. Disengage the coil spring from the small hook of the cover, take down the plastic cover, connect the corresponding wire, and then plug the main body of the Yuba into the hole, so that the push spring will automatically open (ensure that the push spring is lower Separate one end), adjust the push spring to a position where the ceiling thickness is just right and does not bear external force. There are four small holes on the edge of the Yuba, which are further fixed with wood screws. Make it firm.

After installation, first check whether the Yuba is connected to the power supply, and then remove the four calcium plastic shock-proof blocks. Hook the small hook in the edge of the plastic cover with the loop spring on the main beam, but do not overtighten the spring. Finally, slowly rotate the infrared radiation lamp into the lamp holder and ensure good contact.

In terms of installation, consumers must pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom heater when purchasing. The average bathroom heater is about 20 cm. Because the bathroom heater needs to be installed on the roof, if you want to install the bathroom heater, you must add a layer of roof below the roof, which is what we often call the P VC ceiling, so that the second half of the bathroom heater can be sandwiched between the two ceilings. . Many families install it above the bathtub or shower room, so that the surface seems to heat up quickly in winter, but there are safety risks. Because the infrared heat radiation lamp heats up quickly, it is easy to burn the human body, especially the elderly. The correct method should be to install the Yuba in the center of the bathroom, or slightly close to the bathtub, so that it is safe and can maximize the function. There are also many families who install the bathroom heater in the middle of the bathroom, thinking that it will become very warm if installed in a cold weather. In fact, when this installation method is used when the temperature is low in winter, the body will still feel very cold.

When using it, consumers should pay special attention: Although the current bathroom heaters are waterproof, the salesperson will show consumers that the bathroom heater can be sprayed with water when working, but consumers must not use it in actual use. Splash with water, because Yuba's waterproof is that the bulb has waterproof performance. The metal in the body cannot do this, that is, the metal in the body is still conductive. If it is splashed with water, it will be dangerous.


Fourth, the purchase suggestion of Yuba

Since Yuba often works in a humid environment, you should not be sloppy when buying, because counterfeit Yuba sometimes endangers the personal safety of consumers. There have also been incidents of Yuba heating lights exploding before. therefore. I hereby remind consumers to pay attention to the safety of the heating lamp when purchasing a Yuba: it must be strictly waterproof and explosion-proof; the lamp holder should be double-threaded to prevent falling off; the inside of the lamp body is negative pressure, so as to ensure the Yuba Safe use.

The selection and installation of Yuba should pay attention to the following points:

First, look at power consumption and power. The power of each heating bulb of Yuba is about 275W, so consumers must carefully consider its power consumption when choosing.

Secondly, it depends on its use area. The Yuba on the market now mainly has two, three, and four bulbs with different applicable areas. Generally speaking, a bathroom heater with two bulbs is suitable for a bathroom of about 4 square meters, which is mainly for old-fashioned buildings with small toilets; not many with three lamps; a bathroom heater with four lamps is suitable for a bathroom of about 6 square meters to 8 square meters Bathroom, this is mainly for the current new-style community.