Electric toothbrush control board development

2020-12-22 15:26:18 fandoukeji

Our company has undertaken the electronic function development and design of many domestic and foreign brands of electric toothbrushes. The following is the function description of the electric toothbrush program we developed and designed for a Shenzhen manufacturer. I hope to bring you help and provide some reference directions for your product design. If you have the development needs of electric toothbrushes, you can rest assured to leave it to us. We have rich experience in custom development of electronic products. We can sell control boards and ICs. We can quickly quote the development costs and circuit board prices of electric toothbrushes, and provide reasonable Design suggestions to help you develop good products with excellent user experience.

1. Functional requirements of electric toothbrush control board

1. Single press the power button to turn on, and continue to press the power button to select different gears. Each gear corresponds to a different function experience. When the desired gear is selected, the system will automatically lock the current gear after a 3 second pause. The brushing time of 2 minutes will automatically turn off after brushing the teeth. The reminder will shake every 30 seconds during use. This reminder is to remind the user that the brushing position should be changed. The toothbrush can be turned off at any time during use, and the above functions will be repeated when the power button is pressed again, and there will be a "beep-beep-beep" sound when shutting down.

2. In order to meet different user experience during use, the swing intensity adjustment is set for each gear, and the user can adjust the strength of the current gear according to the amplitude that is acceptable for brushing. The strength is divided into three modes: weak, medium and strong. First-time users are advised to use the lowest swing amplitude to adapt to the experience brought by the electric toothbrush as much as possible. When a stronger sense of amplitude can be accepted, the swing amplitude can be gradually increased.

3. In the process of using the brushing body, the dentist recommends that the pressing force of the bristles on the teeth is about 100 grams force, and it is not recommended to press more than 100 grams force. Excessive force will cause damage to the tooth surface and gums.


2. Instructions for use of electric toothbrush

Take out the toothbrush, and gently insert the toothbrush head into the power output shaft of the main body until there is a slight gap between the toothbrush head and the main body. At this time, you can turn on the machine to test whether the toothbrush head is inserted correctly and whether the toothbrush works normally. If it is normal, shut it down. Take a little toothpaste (according to the user's personal habits) on the toothbrush head, put it in the mouth and press the power button to start brushing. 3 seconds before starting the toothbrush each time, the swinging force of the toothbrush head will be weaker to prevent the toothpaste from splashing. After 3 seconds, the toothbrush will enter the normal swinging force. After brushing your teeth, clean it and place it in a ventilated and dry place. Preventing it in a damp place will shorten the life of the toothbrush and cause bacteria to grow on the toothbrush head. Don't soak the toothbrush in water for a long period of time, which can breed bacteria and damage the service life of the toothbrush shell and the surface scale and dirt.

3. Description of electric toothbrush PCBA gear function

Cleaning mode: 31,000 high frequency oscillations

Bright white mode: 28000 high frequency swings

Hyun white mode: 28000-31000 gradient swings

Sensitive mode: 28000-31000 slow gradual swings

Massage mode: 28000-31000 frequency hopping swing


Fourth, the charging method of the electric toothbrush circuit board

1. Charging method: The main body is charged through the wireless charging method of the charger. Generally, the charging takes about 12 hours.

2. Charger: Supply power to the charger through a 5V universal power adapter with USB output or a personal computer (computer).

3. After fully charged, the toothbrush can be used normally for about 2 weeks (calculated as brushing twice a day).

4. Low battery reminder function. When the battery is used to no electricity, the toothbrush will shake 3 times after the user is turned on and there will be a "beep" to remind the charge, but the current 2 minutes of brushing will continue, if the user has not When charging, the power will provide 1 to 2 cycles of usage until the toothbrush cannot be started, at which time it must be charged before it can be used.