WIFI light control solution

2020-12-22 15:28:21 fandoukeji

In addition to the traditional IR and RF radio frequency remote control technology, it is currently popular in the market to use wifi networks to remotely control products, such as wifi light control products. Through wifi, a mobile phone or tablet can be used as a remote control to control the lights at home. The application of Wifi technology will bring convenience to everyone's life and make life more interesting.

There are 2 schemes for the realization of intelligent light control:

Solution 1: The receiving end of the lamp has its own wifi module, which is directly controlled by the mobile phone App through the home wifi router;

Solution 2: The receiving end of the lamp only has a 2.4G module, and a mobile phone or remote control uses a relay device to control the lamp. This solution is suitable for controlling multiple lamps, because the 2.4G module is cheaper than the wifi module, which can reduce the cost of the lamp. Or the remote control transmits the signal to the relay device, and the relay device receives the signal and transmits it to the lamp via 2.4G, which can realize the function of controlling multiple lamps at the same time.

In order to cooperate with wifi lighting control products, we designed and developed App (BRGlight) for mobile phones and tablet remote control lamps. This App can support Android and IOS systems. After installing this App, users can easily control the color and flashing effects of lights on their mobile phones, and in the future, they can even control all home appliances on their mobile phones.

4 control modes of BRGlight App:

Mode 1: Color ring control

The left half of the color circle shows brightness, and the right half shows color. You can choose your favorite color in the color circle.

Mode 2: Built-in mode

Built-in 20 kinds of lighting effects, users can quickly choose their favorite colors and flashing methods.

Mode 3: Music Mode

You can choose your favorite music to play in the local music of the phone, and then the LED light will adjust the flashing frequency and brightness according to the rhythm and volume of the music.

Mode 4: Custom Mode

Users can set their favorite colors and define the color sequence and flashing frequency, the effect of fading and fading, etc.