IPC solution case

2020-12-22 15:29:48 fandoukeji

IPC means inter-process communication in Chinese and is a popular multimedia network solution.

The advantages of creating IPC:

1. Higher performance and space to run applications;

2. More powerful ISP and better image quality;

3. Better image compression processing;

4. Less power consumption.

IPC includes file transmission, e-mail, remote login, network news and e-commerce, and other text-based data communications and voice and television image-based communications. These two are called multimedia network technologies.

The basic composition of multimedia network technology:

Multimedia network technology can be divided into partial hardware technology and partial software technology

The basic composition of multimedia network technology hardware system:

1. With CD-ROM drive, which is an important symbol of multimedia network technology hardware system;

2. With A/D (analog-to-digital) conversion and D/A (digital-to-analog) conversion functions, it can convert the analog signal and digital signal of the voice, so that the multimedia network technology hardware system has high-quality digital voice function;

3. A display with relatively high definition.


1. Video function

2. Watch in real time

3. Voice effect

4. Network connection mode

5. Motion detection

6. Bit rate control

7. Online update