Human Body Temperature Measurement Intelligent Screening System DM60-W

2020-12-24 09:15:36 fandoukeji

Human Body Temperature Measurement Intelligent Screening System DM60-W

The human body temperature measurement intelligent screening system DM60-W has the characteristics of non-contact fast, convenient, intuitive, and safe, which overcomes the traditional thermometers, forehead thermometers, spot thermometers and ear thermometers, which are only for individual measurement, which is time-consuming, It is easy to cross-infection and other shortcomings, and can effectively control the spread of the epidemic and reduce casualties. It is very suitable for rapid temperature check in places with heavy traffic such as airports, docks, stations, hospitals and shopping malls.

Features of DM60-W Intelligent Human Body Temperature Screening System:

Using 384×288 pixel uncooled detector;

High-definition camera

Use 130W high-definition network type visible light camera;

Automatic measurement, real-time dynamic thermal imaging, multi-target automatic measurement.

technical parameter:





Detector characteristics


Detector type


Uncooled focal plane


Wavelength range


8-14 µm






Noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD)




Lens characteristics


Field of view


24°×°18 (optional according to site environment)


focal length


Electric or fixed




Temperature measurement range: 0℃~60℃

Temperature measurement stability: ≤0.3℃

Temperature measurement accuracy: ≤±0.3℃

Temperature measurement performance: ≤±0.4℃

Alarm response time: 0.5s

Color code: 11

Temperature measurement correction: automatic temperature correction through internal and external black body

Environmental adaptability


Working temperature: -20℃- +50℃

Storage temperature: -40℃- +60℃

Physical properties

Input voltage: DC 12V

Power consumption: ≤15W

Network interface: 1 way RJ45

Host weight <5KG

Host size

345×189×154mm (host)


Software function:

  Full screen spot temperature measurement

Real-time automatic tracking of the highest high temperature to achieve simultaneous alarms for multiple targets over temperature.

  Multiple pseudo-color palettes

Users can adjust them according to their needs and comfort.

  Intelligent temperature measurement

The system automatically corrects the body surface temperature value, which can greatly reduce the false alarm rate of the system and meet the actual requirements of inspection and quarantine.

  Infrared and visible image temperature superposition

The field of view angle of the infrared thermal imager and the CCD visible light camera is basically maintained*, and the infrared and visible light images can be accurately positioned and superimposed on the temperature measurement analysis results.

  Remote temperature image upload

The remote information center can connect to the field stations through the TCP/IP protocol, and receive the infrared and visible light video digital signals of each field station in real time.

  Smart alarm function

You can set the alarm temperature range, the smallest area of the alarm and other alarm combination conditions, realize multi-point alarm and tracking, to ensure that no missed detection; at the same time, it can avoid the interference of high temperature objects such as cigarette butts and hot water;

Temperature alarms can be set, and multiple alarm zones can be set;

Effectively avoid interference from light boxes and tubes;

Temperature alarm delay, temperature point and alarm sensitivity can be set;

The alarm temperature value display size can be set and displayed in different eye-catching colors,

The over-temperature alarm target is displayed in eye-catching red, and a sound and light alarm signal is issued to trigger the voice alarm function.

  Adjustable parameters

Temperature measurement emissivity, distance, ambient temperature and relative humidity can be adjusted.

  Videos and pictures

When the workstation alarms, it can save the alarm image or video. The infrared image or picture recorded by the system can be inquired, analyzed and recorded, and the video file is full. At the same time, the alarm video can be automatically reported to the information center, and the on-site workstation and information center can achieve alarm Network linkage.

Application areas:

Inspection and quarantine (human body temperature measurement)

Efficient epidemic prevention and control

Infrared thermal imaging body temperature rapid screening system

Non-contact rapid temperature screening

Long-distance, large-area detection

Fast alarm response and high temperature measurement accuracy

Continuous video, well-documented history