Intelligent human body surface temperature screening system

2020-12-22 15:33:53 fandoukeji

Intelligent human body surface temperature screening system:

1. Features:

1. With automatic hot spot tracking function, it is good at discovering high temperature spots in the environment. Such as fever patients in the crowd;

2. Visualized remote temperature measurement to avoid infection. No need to aim at the forehead at close range;

3. It can monitor the highest temperature, lowest temperature and core temperature at the same time;

4. With screen brightness adjustment function, and three levels of high, medium and low adjustable;

5. Support WIFI and take pictures;

6. Support manual and automatic image correction function; keep the image clear.

7. Removable lithium battery, convenient for air transportation;

8. The temperature measurement unit can be degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin;

9. The machine can set the date and time, and the time can be selected in 24-hour system and 12-hour system;

10. Light weight and can be operated with one hand. easy to carry;

11. Large screen, clear display;

12. Suitable for high-speed checkpoints and other traffic and crowd environments;

13. There are two options of high temperature mode and low temperature mode. The temperature range of low temperature mode is -20℃ to +125℃, and the temperature range of high temperature mode is +120℃ to +550℃; the temperature measurement of low temperature mode is more accurate;

2. Technical indicators:

Display: 3.5-inch full viewing angle TFT display

Infrared image resolution: 384×288

Display resolution: 640×480

Focal length: 13mm

Noise equivalent temperature difference: ≤60mk@25℃, F#1.0

Measurement mode: infrared focal plane temperature measurement

Measuring range: -20℃ to 550℃

Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.5 degrees Celsius

Wavelength range: 8~14µm

Image frame rate: 25Hz/50Hz

Temperature correction: manual and automatic correction

Temperature output: real-time parallel output

Palette: Rainbow/Iron Red/Cold/White Hot/Black Hot

Image enhancement: multi-level detail enhancement

Image correction: shutter correction

Image storage: built-in storage

File format: JPG

Setting control: localization unit adjustment/language/date and time format/automatic shutdown

Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Working temperature: 0℃ to 45℃

Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃

Size: 256×97.2×128.9mm

Weight: 600g

The above is an introduction to the products of the intelligent human body surface temperature screening system. The intelligent human body temperature screening instrument has important applications in many fields such as medical treatment, infectious disease spread prevention, fire protection, archaeology, transportation, agriculture and geology.