Steam cleaner (machine) scheme, circuit single chip microcomputer electronic product software and hardware design

2020-12-22 15:39:27 fandoukeji

Steam cleaner (machine) scheme, circuit, single-chip computer, electronic product software and hardware design

With the improvement of people's living standards and quality, there are higher requirements for the quality of living environment, and a new cleaning tool, a good helper for housewives-steam cleaners, came into being. The steam cleaner uses high temperature and high pressure steam to clean floors, doors, windows and clothing, range hoods, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and sanitary ware to sterilize the surfaces, remove dust and bacteria, and is environmentally friendly. Can prevent allergies and eliminate stubborn stains and oil stains. No chemical reagents are needed, and there is almost zero damage to cleaning items. When people enjoy the scientific and sanitary environment, they will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

The steam cleaner has a unique cleaning effect and is a good product for modern cleaning; it is equipped with a variety of accessories with different functions and different purposes. With the powerful degreasing power of steam, it can remove bacteria, microorganisms and tiny impurities. The steam brush can be directly It is used for daily cleaning of the floor. It can thoroughly clean doors and windows, mirrors, sofas, floors, bathroom appliances and many difficult-to-clean corners every day. It can also clean kitchen utensils, such as gas stoves, range hoods, etc., and iron clothes, making it a good assistant for housewives. This product has been sold abroad for many years, and more than 95% of households in developed countries in Europe and America use steam cleaners as an ideal cleaning appliance for daily homes, and they are accepted by consumers. In China, people have just met it.

Your kitchen range hood does not need 10 minutes to use this cleaner, and all corners and corners are clean!

It can also be used to comfort clothes! ! It's really practical~~

This steam cleaner recommended for you is equipped with a special high-performance wiping head, while washing and brushing, the most stubborn stains will eventually have nowhere to escape. Whether it's air conditioners, door handles, vents, toilet stains, kitchen utensils, windows, etc., just spray and brush with Power One, high temperature and high pressure rapid decontamination, cleaning, sterilization, and household appliances.

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