Development of Smart Dormitory Management System

2020-12-22 14:28:46 fandoukeji


Based on the RK3288 high-performance quad-core CPU and adopts a multi-functional and highly integrated solution, a single system can manage one-key alarm, monitoring, access control, power control and other system functions, which fully improves the intelligent concentration of supervision places Control ability and improve management efficiency, save construction cost;

Human-computer interaction using 16:9 multi-touch LCD screen control;

Adopt advanced Internet of Things architecture technology, each device has an independent IP, realize pure network independent operation across network segments, simple and fast networking;

Deep face recognition algorithm to realize functions such as living body recognition, accurate detection and management of face information;

Using the embedded Andriod operating system, functional modifications and upgrades only need to update the APP, making the product more flexible and practical, and meeting the individual needs of supervision sites.