CSR8635 Bluetooth module, Bluetooth audio module, wireless Bluetooth audio solution, 9835A module

2020-12-22 15:56:16 fandoukeji

CSR8635 Bluetooth module, Bluetooth audio module, wireless Bluetooth audio solution, 9835A module

CSR9835A is an intelligent wireless audio data transmission Bluetooth module independently developed by the company. It is designed based on the CSR BLUECORE 8635 chip and aims to provide end customers with a low-cost and high-efficiency stereo wireless transmission solution. The CSR BC8 chip provides high-quality sound quality and compatibility for the module, and the overall performance is more optimized. In addition, CSR9835A adopts the drive-free mode, and customers only need to connect the module to the application product to quickly realize the wireless transmission of music and enjoy the fun of wireless music.

Application field

         This module is mainly used for short-distance music transmission, and can be easily connected with bluetooth devices of digital products such as laptops, mobile phones, and PADs to realize wireless transmission of music. Such as:

Bluetooth audio

Bluetooth stereo headset


Bluetooth wireless audio transmission


     1. CSR8615 is a mono chip. At this time, only SPKL_N and SPKL_P have audio output, while SPK_R_N and SPK_R_P are empty pins. With MIC, dual line in.

     2, CSR8630/35 is a dual-channel chip, SPKL_N, SPKL_P, SPKR_N, SPKR_P all have audio output, which is stereo, CSR8630 does not have MIC, and has dual Line in channels.

     3. When CSR9835A is connected to an external power amplifier, it must be connected to a differential input power amplifier. If it is not connected to a differential input power amplifier, it must be connected to an op amp to balance the two differential levels, otherwise there will be a "pop" impact sound. The operational amplifier circuit part of the terminal output can refer to the application design.

     4. PCB layout: The antenna part of the Bluetooth module needs to be a PCB antenna outside the module. Metal will weaken the function of the antenna. When laying the module on the module, it is strictly forbidden to lay the ground and wire under the module antenna, battery, horn, display Try to avoid the antenna position.

     5. Regarding the use environment of wireless Bluetooth, wireless signals, including Bluetooth applications, are greatly affected by the surrounding environment. Obstacles such as trees and metals will absorb the wireless signal to a certain extent.

In application, the distance of data transmission is affected to a certain extent.

     6, As the Bluetooth module must be matched with the existing system and placed in the shell. Because the metal shell has a shielding effect on radio frequency signals. Therefore, it is not recommended to install in a metal enclosure. If cut

It is impossible to avoid the metal shell, iron net, etc. and the effect of the project establishment distance is required. It is recommended to use a professional high-gain antenna.