Postpartum rehabilitation management system program

2020-12-22 14:51:34

The postpartum mother's body structure has undergone tremendous changes. The weight of the uterus is 20 times that of the non-pregnancy period. The burden on various organs is significantly increased. Corresponding changes will occur in the endocrine system, skin, bones, joints, and ligaments. After childbirth, the recovery of various organs and reproductive system takes 6-8 weeks. In addition, the physical discomfort, the care of the newborn, breastfeeding, the role change of the new mother, etc.; all need guidance and nursing assistance to complete. I love the rehabilitation nursing system for postpartum mothers of the Internet of Things, which provides you with nursing and guidance assistance from six aspects: health care, beautiful shaping, family harmony, comfortable confinement, nurturing babies, and stress relief.

  table of Contents

   1. Introduction to the postpartum rehabilitation management system

   2. Usefulness of postpartum rehabilitation management system

   3. Introduction to the functions of postpartum rehabilitation management system

   Fourth, the characteristics of postpartum rehabilitation management system

   5. Projects of postpartum rehabilitation management system

   6. Postpartum rehabilitation operation management methods

   Seven. Development prospects of postpartum rehabilitation management system


   1. Introduction to the postpartum rehabilitation management system

   Postpartum rehabilitation, also called postpartum recovery, refers to the fact that after giving birth, women often need certain recovery and maintenance because of their weakness. This kind of recovery and maintenance is called postpartum rehabilitation. Postpartum repair is an overall program of repair care provided specifically for various physiological and psychological changes of postpartum mothers. . Focusing on the functional rehabilitation of postpartum women, products + techniques + equipment, focusing on the rehabilitation effect, is a healthy and beautiful choice that is worthy of trust by prenatal, pregnant and postpartum mothers.

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   2. Usefulness of postpartum rehabilitation management system

Postpartum rehabilitation is very useful. Taking postpartum rehabilitation and maintenance can help women recover in postpartum vagina and uterine parts, body shape, bones and psychology, and the sooner postpartum rehabilitation and maintenance are carried out, the better the mother’s physical recovery. Generally speaking, The best time for postpartum recovery is recommended 2-3 days after normal delivery, and 15 days after cesarean section.

Postpartum rehabilitation and maintenance takes a period of time to show the effect. Therefore, it is best to carry out active rehabilitation and maintenance treatment and physical exercise under the guidance of doctors and parents, and then cooperate with a reasonable diet to strengthen body nutrition and relax at the same time. Keep a good mood, so as to make the postpartum rehabilitation effect more obvious.

Postpartum rehabilitation mainly uses low-frequency electrical stimulation, magnetic stimulation, biofeedback, and techniques to perform postpartum rehabilitation and maintenance treatment for the parturient. It can not only promote the recovery of the maternal reproductive system, but also make the vagina, abdomen and pelvic floor become postpartum. The loose parts can be restored to the previous tension and elasticity as soon as possible. In addition, it can also reduce the incidence of gynecological diseases in the future. Therefore, for the mothers whose family conditions permit, postpartum rehabilitation and maintenance can be done.

Postpartum rehabilitation management system plan/case/APP/small program/website

   3. Introduction to the functions of postpartum rehabilitation management system

   Postpartum recovery appeared as a beauty item. Different from general beauty items, the nature of the postpartum recovery industry will appear slightly special. Therefore, it is particularly careful and attentive to postpartum recovery. If the postpartum repair center wants to find a member management system, then it has to consider the Meiyingyi Postpartum Repair Center membership system to manage the store simply and efficiently.

  1. Package activities: You can recharge the services included in a package in the member system, and select the corresponding number of times to recharge. Members will directly swipe their card for next consumption, and the system will automatically deduct the number of times

  2. Purchasing items: It is not a matter of one or two days to restore your body. You can set monthly and quarterly cards in the membership system. When you apply for membership, select the corresponding level and set the expiration time. The system will automatically remind you when you expire.

  3. Member recommendation system: The beauty industry system has three levels of multi-level recommendation system. The old club recommends new members to get points, and the points can be exchanged for gifts or cash.

4. Member assets: detailed records of stored-value consumption cards, transparent and open consumption; support member storage, by encouraging members to recharge prepaid, effectively bind customers, so that the store has more repeat customers; the system records each member's consumption records, Data such as project remaining times, stored value, points changes, balances, etc.; data is updated in real time and shared by multiple terminals, which is convenient for stores to analyze member consumption behaviors. At the same time, it supports member mobile phones to inquire at any time, and transparent consumption is more secure.

Postpartum rehabilitation management system plan/case/APP/small program/website

   Fourth, the characteristics of postpartum rehabilitation management system

   Significant changes have taken place in the reproductive system, breasts, and abdominal wall of the parturient woman, and her psychology is at a stage of emotional fragility. The degree of physical function recovery of the parturient during this period is related to her lifelong health and happiness. The postpartum rehabilitation comprehensive treatment instrument uses electrodes to perform low-frequency and pulse stimulation on specific parts of the human body, adjust the human body environment, and achieve clinical treatment effects through local physical effects.

   1. The best period for postpartum recovery and physical recovery

  Recover immediately after delivery and it is urgent. Because the postpartum muscles and connective tissues are in a state of temporary tissue weakness, at this time, the loose abdominal muscles and weak connective tissues of the parturient women most need to exercise contraction to increase their tension and elasticity, and the body's metabolic functions also need to be adjusted, so this The period is the best period for the recovery of postpartum function and reproductive organs.

  2, the superiority of rehabilitation treatment immediately after delivery

Performing postpartum rehabilitation treatment immediately after delivery can achieve a multiplier effect on postpartum recovery, and can better prevent the premature appearance of aging. Generally, one course of treatment can be effective, as long as one or two courses of treatment can be used. The waist circumference of the parturient is significantly reduced.

   can also make the vulva and vagina of the parturient woman more compact and tighten, and the breasts firmer. It also has a good effect on people who have given birth to children for 1 to 2 years, but because the body's metabolic function and fat structure need a gradual process, the effect needs to be relatively extended.

  3, the advantages of postpartum rehabilitation

   is safe, non-invasive, painless and does not require any medication.

  Scientific, using manual therapy, electrical stimulation, biofeedback technology, and formulating personalized treatment plans.

  Interesting, the treatment process is as relaxing and long-lasting as a game. After one to two treatments, home rehabilitation training with a pelvic floor rehabilitation device can maintain long-term efficacy.

Postpartum rehabilitation management system plan/case/APP/small program/website

   5. Projects of postpartum rehabilitation management system

   Everyone knows that novice mothers are more tired when they are happy, especially after a few hours or more of labor, physically and mentally exhausted. Postpartum recovery should include the following three connotations: effective repair of the body damaged by pregnancy; timely removal of postpartum sub-health barriers; use of the golden period of postpartum to comprehensively regulate one's physique, so that the body can reach the best balance as soon as possible.

   1. Postpartum physical recovery

   This conditioning is not a nutritional diet or a TCM regimen, but a decrease in exercise during pregnancy and a short-term rapid increase in weight, changes in circulatory system, respiratory system function, decline in physical fitness, etc., and even changes in physical fitness caused by changing eating habits. This conditioning refers more to functional rehabilitation training to improve the weak chain of physical fitness and strengthen physical fitness.

  2, postpartum bone and joint system recovery

During pregnancy, the weight of the baby makes the mother’s lordosis larger, the pelvis tilted forward, and the rectus abdominis white line separation. These are all important steps for a beautiful woman to become an aunt, and the pubic bone will separate during delivery, which will deform the pelvis and hip joints. It shifts to form the skeleton of a "big butt", and the aunt's shape is revealed.

  3, postpartum muscle imbalance recovery

Muscle imbalance is not unfamiliar to people who love fitness. Most of these muscle imbalances are caused by changes in the lumbar pelvis and hip joints and the pelvic floor. They can be improved, but don’t expect fitness training that only involves muscle loss. You can change the posture of the "big butt" aunt.

   4. Postpartum uterine recovery

   The restoration of the reproductive and birth canal may cause uterine translocation or even prolapse. This is common in mothers with little exercise and weak physical ability to restore uterine contractions and reposition.

   5. Postpartum body recovery

I believe that many mothers have the same question. Why do some mothers do well in postpartum recovery completely and naturally? And from the postpartum to the seven or eight months after the birth, the pregnancy marks, skin, figure, weight, etc. The same thing falls on himself.

   6. Postpartum nerve regulation recovery

  The evolution from the obsession with early pregnancy to postpartum depression is exactly what the ancients said "one pregnancy is stupid for three years"! In order to avoid postpartum "silly mothers", the regulation and recovery of the nervous system is essential.

Postpartum rehabilitation management system plan/case/APP/small program/website

   6. Postpartum rehabilitation operation management methods

   80% of women will be annoyed by losing their shape after giving birth. In addition to losing their shape, there are also various skin and body changes that bother women, which also promotes the development of the domestic postpartum recovery market. Many entrepreneurs want to seize this business opportunity. To open a successful postpartum recovery shop, they need to master the following skills:

   1. Fully understand customer needs

   Everyone knows that the relationship between supply and demand often plays a vital role in the quality of business. As an investor in a postpartum recovery store, you need to pay attention to the movements of postpartum mothers, understand their needs, and be able to make corresponding strategies in time.

  2. Strengthen our attractiveness to customers

With the influx of foreign restoration brands, in the face of increasingly demanding customers and fierce competition from the peers, the original marketing strategies of many postpartum restoration centers have gradually become inapplicable, and the cost of acquiring new customers has continued to increase. The attraction is decreasing. Whether it can attract more new customers and retain existing customers is directly related to the marketing strategy of the postpartum recovery center. In response to this problem, the postpartum recovery center should highlight the advantages of our store and make its own characteristics, so as to increase our attractiveness to customers.

   3. Good service quality

   Resuming franchise stores after childbirth. In their operations, they must provide consumers with enthusiastic services and listen to customers’ opinions and suggestions.

  4. Store hygiene

   Investors who restore franchise stores after delivery must pay attention to the hygiene of their stores during their operations. We all know that good store hygiene can make consumers happy, and to a certain extent can also stimulate consumption.

   5. Business strategy that emphasizes brand development

   Most customers are rather vague about the brand concept, brand culture, and brand image of the postpartum recovery center. They usually associate the brand with products, advertisements, and word of mouth. This shows that most of the original brand strategies of postpartum recovery centers are nothing more than tactics on paper, and are aimed at chasing quick success and quick economic benefits. They deviate from the basic principles of brand strategy. The development strategies of these brands have no practical significance. .

   The so-called scientific brand development and management strategy should be a purposeful, planned, and systematic strategy. It requires postpartum recovery center managers to refine the goals, and then let every employee recognize the brand's strategy and work together for the brand's management.

   6, other aspects

   In addition to understanding customer needs, quality of service and store hygiene, investors who restore franchise stores after childbirth need to choose a good franchise brand and choose a suitable store location, which can help you make quick profits.

Postpartum rehabilitation management system plan/case/APP/small program/website

   Seven. Development prospects of postpartum rehabilitation management system

   In recent years, due to the liberalization of the second child policy, more and more people have their own second treasures. Therefore, the recovery of this industry after childbirth is also in the ascendant. Everyone has the love of beauty, even mothers have the right to chase fashion and trends. Both novice mothers and second-child mothers hope to quickly restore their perfect body. The number of new born babies in our country can be counted in the order of tens of millions each year. The living conditions of these pregnant mothers are constantly improving and the requirements for the quality of life after childbirth are also increasing. Therefore, the volume of the postpartum recovery market is still very impressive. In addition, coupled with the country's liberalization of the second child policy, pregnant women are in groups, and hot moms are teamed up, and the prospects for postpartum recovery are promising!