Full-spectrum plant growth lamp LED fill light lamp

2020-12-22 14:53:14




光源类型: LED灯管

功率: 100W(含)-300W(不含)

开关类型: 单控开关

灯具是否带光源: 带光源

灯身材质: 钢

电压: 100V-240V

是否智能操控: 否

颜色分类: 1000W贴片全新全光谱 1500W全新全光谱 2000W贴片全新全光谱

Full spectrum plant growth lamp LED supplementary lamp

Plant lamp

Full spectrum plant growth lamp LED supplementary lamp; suitable for greenhouse planting of various flowers, meat and vegetables, etc.

Light source type: LED lamp tube

Power: 100W (including) - 300W (excluding)

Switch type: single-control switch

Whether the lamp has light source or not: with light source

Lamp body material: steel

Voltage: 100V-240V

Intelligent Manipulation: No

Color Classification: 1000W Patch New Full Spectrum 1500W New Full Spectrum 2000W Patch New Full Spectrum