Smart tea maker solution development

2020-12-23 20:48:26

Smart tea maker solution development

The smart tea maker reads its own tea bags to use the best brewing formula, and can control all aspects of the tea, including water temperature, water volume and brewing time, etc., and can also control the caffeine content and antioxidant factors in the tea. Quantity is controlled. This naturally results in high-quality tea. The smart tea maker is connected to the mobile phone APP via WIFI, and it has built-in SIPS (Selective Infusion Profile System) technology, which can not only automatically identify the attributes of the tea, selectively inject water, but also record the user's drinking data , To help users control caffeine intake and increase antioxidant levels.

Smart tea maker solution

  1. Features of smart tea maker program development

   Intelligent tea making machine integrates automatic tea washing and intelligent tea making. The international advanced instant heating device is selected, and the boiling water can be output in 5-8 seconds. The brewing principle design has also completely changed the working principle of the previous drip coffee machine to make tea. It not only has the function of waking up tea and "strong, medium" There are three intelligent tea brewing modes, which can be used to fully steep the tea, and can also intelligently control the tea steeping time, master the concentration of each tea infusion, and ensure that each tea can make the best taste.

  2, the structure of the smart tea machine program development

  The design of the smart tea maker is very simple and easy to clean. The brewing device consists of only two parts, one is a glass ball for holding tea, and the other is a glass carafe for holding tea, both of which are made of high borosilicate glass and are easy to remove, which is conducive to normal use. And the glass inner wall is double-layered, and the inner layer is Gorilla Glass, which has good heat insulation performance.

When    is brewing, just place its paper label on the RFID information reader on the top of the machine and scan it. In theory, this can tell the smart tea maker the specific information and brewing method of tea. Then, tear off the sealing label, pour the tea leaves in the tea bag into the spherical container, and confirm that the spherical container and the water bottle below are locked. Finally, click the round light on the base to start making tea.

Smart tea maker solution

  3, the functional characteristics of the intelligent tea machine program development

  The tea making process of the intelligent tea making machine is fully intelligent. With just one button, the tea making machine will automatically execute the corresponding tea making process.

  Convenient: One-click to complete the full set of brewing processes of "take tea", "boil water", "wash tea", "make tea", "pour tea" and "clear tea residue".

  Quality: Natural raw leaf tea and expert brewing parameters are selected and brewed according to the process of "Gongfu Tea", with a mellow and authentic taste.

  Health: The system controls the brewing time for each type of tea, freshly brewed and brewed, and the tea is separated, which fully meets the health standards.

  Fashion: Intelligent tea making machine fully meets the dual needs of modern people for high efficiency and high quality, that is, it is quick to make tea bags and has the quality of "gongfu tea".

Smart tea maker solution

   4. The difference between smart tea maker and ordinary tea maker

  The shape of the ordinary electromagnetic tea stove is round and square, and the shape is the same. The smart tea maker has attracted the attention of many consumers with its legendary ultra-modern appearance design and simple operation method. The scientific design and suitable combination make this machine have many more practical functions. Blue backlit LCD menu The display is clear at a glance, easy to operate, enhances the touch and look, the overall appearance is unique, the sense of fashion is strong, the removable water storage tank and the tea cup, the smart tea maker is safe and convenient.

   5. The significance of the development of the smart tea machine program

   The pace of life of modern people is getting faster and faster, and high efficiency has become the basic need of work and life. The prosperity of society also makes people’s pursuit of quality of life higher and higher. All these changes illustrate the limitations of traditional tea brewing methods, how to ensure the taste while being efficient, and how to make people avoid the cumbersome tea brewing process. Free your hands and complete the work at hand? The birth of the smart tea maker solution developed by Aoxin Solutions has solved this contradiction. It brings people a brand-new, efficient and tasteful tea with the same taste as Gongfu tea. the way.