Smart plumbing blanket solution

2020-12-23 20:36:52

Smart plumbing blanket solution

Brief description of the scheme:

The smart plumbing blanket equipment has built-in wifi module internetization. Under human-computer interaction, the plumbing blanket can be remotely controlled through the control panel. The control mode includes cross-internet control and local area network control to realize Wi-Fi module + Android APP + public cloud service platform. So that ordinary plumbing blankets are developed into smart plumbing blankets.

Function introduction:

1. Use mobile phone number to register and log in.

2. The mobile phone APP remotely controls the device switch, set temperature, plumbing blanket mode, fault prompt, set temperature, timing switch/preheating, historical record query, etc.

3. The web management platform provides user analysis, data analysis, and product sales distribution, providing a reference for customers' secondary sales.

4. Equipment distribution analysis, both domestic and foreign equipment can be managed and viewed;

5. Realize message push and interact with users in real time.

4. Multi-user, multi-device, multi-language, multi-standard, supports global access, and can be controlled anywhere.

Web-side management solution:

1. Realize the management of the equipment sold by customers on the Web end and monitor the status of all equipment.

2. New devices can be viewed separately, the total number of devices, the number of new devices today, the number of new devices in the past seven days, the number of new devices in the past 30 days, and the cumulative number of connected platform devices.

3. Realize the regional management of all equipment and know the sales area of the equipment in real time.

4. Realize fault management: device name, device type, device id, fault type, fault description, processing status, fault time, operation and other data display.