Smart rice cooker solution

2020-12-24 09:01:58

Smart rice cooker solution

Brief description of the scheme:

The smart rice cooker is operated through the smart phone client through the built-in wireless connection module, which can realize remote one-key cooking of the rice cooker, such as fine cooking, soup boiling, nutritious steaming, etc., and the cloud recipe of the rice cooker can be shared to the cloud platform. Other users interact.

Function introduction:

1. The smart rice cooker can be remotely started via a mobile phone to start a variety of functional modes, including porridge, soup, stew, noodles, hot rice and many other functions. After connecting to the Internet of Things, it makes stew and soup very easy.

2. It supports remote appointment and timing start, and can adjust the time remotely at any time, so that office workers can eat cooked meals immediately after returning home.

3. It supports the downloading of recipes from the web management platform and the function of starting the recipes of the management platform, so as to share and exchange cooking experience at any time.

4. The management platform provides smart rice cookers and user big data statistics to provide customers with reference for secondary sales.

5. Multi-user, multi-device, multi-language, multi-standard, supports global access, and can be controlled anywhere.

Web-side management solution:

1. Realize the management of the equipment sold by customers on the Web end and monitor the status of all equipment.

2. New devices can be viewed separately, the total number of devices, the number of new devices today, the number of new devices in the past seven days, the number of new devices in the past 30 days, and the cumulative number of connected platform devices.

3. Realize the regional management of all equipment and know the sales area of the equipment in real time.

4. Realize fault management: device name, device type, device id, fault type, fault description, processing status, fault time, operation and other data display.