Smart Wi-Fi socket solution

2020-12-22 16:10:35

Smart Wi-Fi socket solution

Brief description of the scheme:

This program introduces a remote control, power metering WIFI socket solution, and develops a new type of WIFI socket product. Realize remote control of home appliances, electricity metering, and historical switch records. Sinan IOT provides the overall solution of WIFI socket, including the overall solution of Wi-Fi module + APP + cloud platform.

The plan includes:

WIFI module, mobile APP (Android/IOS), web management platform overall solution

Function description:

1. Register and log in with your mobile phone number.

2. Monitor the online status of the socket and remotely control the socket.

3. Historical switch records, historical power, real-time power statistics, exclusive power metering function.

4. The timing and countdown functions are satisfied, and multi-zone custom settings.

Web-side management solution:

1. Realize the management of the equipment sold by customers on the Web end and monitor the status of all equipment.

2. New devices can be viewed separately, the total number of devices, the number of new devices today, the number of new devices in the past seven days, the number of new devices in the past 30 days, and the cumulative number of connected platform devices.

3. Realize the regional management of all equipment and know the sales area of the equipment in real time.

4. Realize fault management: device name, device type, device id, fault type, fault description, processing status, fault time, operation and other data display.

5. Equipment distribution analysis, both domestic and foreign equipment can be managed and viewed.

6. Realize message push and interact with users in real time.

In the factory, the informatization and intelligent assembly line has greatly improved the production efficiency; on the production line, RFID and intelligent products are on the stage of manufacturing in China. Smart factories, smart products, etc. have become development trends, and the realization of intelligent Internet of Things technology has accordingly become a jewel in the manufacturing industry.

The smart WIFI socket can remotely control the current on and off of the two sockets through software, and realize extended functions such as smart timing. At the same time, it can independently measure the real-time power consumption of two electrical appliances and perform statistics. When the circuit is abnormal, the application will push notifications to the user, so that the user can know the fault information of other electrical appliances in time, which is more convenient and energy-saving.