Smart coffee machine solution

2020-12-24 08:59:41

Smart coffee machine solution

Brief description of the scheme:

The built-in wifi module of the smart coffee machine is Internet-based. Under human-computer interaction, through data transmission between the control panel, wifi module and cloud services, the smart phone client can realize one-click coffee brewing, appointment time, and selection of the corresponding bean or powder, concentration , Cup count, etc.

The plan includes:

WIFI module, mobile APP (Android/IOS), web management platform overall solution

Function introduction:

1. Provide mobile phone number and email account third-party application login.

2. The mobile phone APP remotely controls the device switch, one-key brewing function.

3. Make an appointment for brewing via mobile APP.

4. The mobile phone APP selects the concentration and the number of cups for brewing.

5. Products are socialized, networked, and people-friendly. Supports online shopping anytime, anywhere, users do not need to buy overseas, directly enter the mall to shop through the device's mobile app.

6. Cloud recipe service, users can download special menus in real time and brew different flavors.

7. The web management platform provides news push, product maintenance in the mall, and product sales distribution, which provides a reference for customers' secondary sales.

8. Multi-user, multi-device, multi-language, multi-standard, supports global access, and can be controlled anywhere.

For coffee lovers, a cup of coffee with an appetite is difficult to find, instant coffee is too weak, chain store coffee is tiresome, and making freshly ground coffee is too time-consuming and labor-intensive.

With the development of science and technology, the coffee machine combines the use of electronic technology to make the coffee machine smart and simple to use. Just add coffee beans to automatically grind, press, fill, brew, filter the residue, etc. Coffee for people.

However, to realize the intelligentization of coffee machines requires the combination of APP, IoT modules, and cloud services. This requires a large investment for traditional enterprises, such as establishing technical teams, purchasing and debugging servers, and so on. If you can find a high-quality and efficient intelligent solution provider to help your own products realize intelligence, it will be a low-input and high-output way for brand terminal operators.