Infrared automatic soap dispenser solution

由于传统洗手液需要用手直接接触、按压,存在二次污染问题。为此,单片机方案网推出了红外感应自动皂液器方案,为客户提供单片机、PCB设计及软件程序。本单片机开发方案采用红外感应,当手伸到洗手机下,会自动挤出洗手液泡沫,可以防止交叉感染。1. Introduction of automatic soap dispenserThe principle of the infrared automatic s

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1. Introduction of automatic soap dispenser

The principle of the infrared automatic soap dispenser solution is very simple. Its main body is divided into two parts: the host and the hand sanitizer. Among them, there is an infrared photoelectric sensor hidden in the foam outlet position of the main unit. When the hand reaches below, the infrared sensor sensor receives the signal, processed by the EN8F156 single-chip microcomputer, and controls the motor to extrude the hand sanitizer foam.

Application scenario: The infrared automatic soap dispenser is easy to use, can prevent disease transmission, and is suitable for homes, hotels, airports, customs and other places.

Four, automatic soap dispenser solution chip parameters

EN8F156 single-chip microcomputer is equipped with EEPROM, A/D, PWM, completely static CMOS technology design, and integrates high-speed, small size, low power consumption and high noise resistance. The main parameters are as follows:

ROM: Flash 2.0 K;

EEPROM: 256 Bytes;

RAM: 128 Bytes;

Working voltage: 2.0~6.0 V;

I/O pin position: 8/14;

Chip pin position: 8/10/14/16;

Package types: DIP, SOP, QFN.

Automatic soap dispenser program services: provide MCU, PCB design, charging management IC chip, and MCU program development.