Smart Electronics Kit NE555 + CD4017 LED Water Flow Module DIY Kit

Package Included:PCB board 1pcs2P curved pin 1pcs1UF capacitor 2pcs3mmLED red 10pcs1K resistor 10pcs2.2K resistance 1pcs10K resistor 1pcs50K blue whiDescription: Power supply voltage: 2.5--14.5VPCB si

  • Model: Smart Electronics Kit NE555 + CD4017 LED Water Flow Module DIY Kit

Package Included:

PCB board 1pcs

2P curved pin 1pcs

1UF capacitor 2pcs

3mmLED red 10pcs

1K resistor 10pcs

2.2K resistance 1pcs

10K resistor 1pcs

50K blue whiDescription:

Power supply voltage: 2.5--14.5V

PCB size: 5.4cm*2.1cm

PCB thickness: 1.6mm
This kit is mainly composed of a clock generation circuit and a decimal counter circuit. The NE555 is a self-excited multivibrator with a core. The power supply charges the capacitor C1 through R2, R3, and R4. When C1 starts charging, the 2 feet of the NE555 are still in the Low level, so the output terminal 3 is high level. When the power supply is charged to the 2/3 power supply voltage through R2, R3, and R4, the output pin 3 level changes from high to low, and the NE555 internal discharge tube is turned on. Capacitor C1 is discharged through pin 7 of R4, R3, and NE555. When the voltage across C1 is lower than 1/3 of the power supply voltage, the level of pin 3 of NE555 changes from low level to high level. C1 is charged again. This cycle forms an oscillation. The charging time is: 0.695 (R2+R3+R4)C1, the discharge time is: 0.695 (R4+R3)C1, the R4 can be adjusted to control the output frequency of the oscillator, and the clock oscillation signal of NE555 is continuously added to the 14th pin of CD4017. Ten LEDs are connected to the 10 outputs of the CD4017. When the 10 outputs of the CD4017 alternately generate a high level under the action of the clock signal, D1--D10 are sequentially illuminated to form a water-light effect.

Adjust the R4 to adjust the flow speed of the LED light.