Lithium Battery 4s bms 14.8v 12.8v lifepo4 5A battery pack bms

Battery PCBA1. Electrical ParameterNO.ItemSymbo Specification1 Over-charge voltageVDET14.375±0.05V2 Over-charge release voltageVREL14.175±0.05V3 Over-discharge voltageVDET22.500±0.075V4 Over-discharge

  • Model: Lithium Battery 4s bms 14.8v 12.8v lifepo4 5A battery pack bms
Battery PCBA

1. Electrical Parameter

NO.ItemSymbo Specification


 Over-charge voltageVDET14.375±0.05V
2 Over-charge release voltageVREL14.175±0.05V
3 Over-discharge voltageVDET22.500±0.075V
4 Over-discharge release voltageVREL22.9±0.075V
5 Inner ResistanceRDS60 mΩ
6 Excess Current protection for dischargingIDP5A-10A
7 Short circuit protection
8 Short circuit protection delay timeTSHORT80±40μS



2. Rigid PCB Parameter

1 Material Structure FR4 / Cooper
2 Cooper thickness 1oz-4oz
3 PCB thickness 0.02--0.04inch
4 Min. circuit width 0.008inch
5 Min. hole size 0.008inch
6 Surface Treatment OSP: 0.3-0.5um
7 Surface Treatment Lead free HASL: 2-40um
8 Solder mask Blue/Green


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