Manufacturer of PCB Board PCB Circuit Boards

ItemsCapacity1.Base MaterialFR4/High TG FR-4/ Aluminium/CEM-1/Rogers/Arlon/Taconic /Telfon2.Layers1-283.Finised inner/outer copper thickness1-6OZ4.Finished board thickness0.2-7.0mm5.Min hole sizeMecha

  • Model: Manufacturer of PCB Board PCB Circuit Boards

1.Base Material

FR4/High TG FR-4/ Aluminium/CEM-1/Rogers/Arlon/Taconic /Telfon
3.Finised inner/outer copper thickness1-6OZ
4.Finished board thickness0.2-7.0mm
5.Min hole sizeMechanical hole: 0.15mm Laser hole: 0.1mm
6.Controlled Impedance+/-5%
7.Plugging vias capability0.2-0.8mm
8.Outline profileRout/ V-cut/ Bridge/ Stamp hole
9.Surface treatmentHASL,HASL lead free,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,Immersion Silver,Hard Gold,OSP...